Your health and well-being are our top priority.


We Are Here for You


UPMC Health Plan has measures in place to help you stay safe.

$0 copay for virtual visits, including UPMC AnywhereCare 

You can get medical attention quickly and safely at $0 copay for all telehealth services, including UPMC AnywhereCare. For the next 90 days, until June 15, we will waive all member cost-sharing, including deductibles or copayments, for all in-network virtual health care visits with our telehealth providers.* Telehealth services like UPMC AnywhereCare are a convenient and easy way to get a medical evaluation from home or the office.

If you have symptoms such as a cold, a sinus infection, the flu, or even potentially coronavirus (COVID-19), often treated at an urgent care center or your physician office, you can reach a health care professional 24/7 without leaving home. Your smartphone, computer, or tablet is all you need.

Visit UPMC or download the mobile app to have a secure virtual visit.

Free coronavirus (COVID-19) testing

Applicable deductibles, copayments, or other cost-sharing for COVID-19 testing are being waived when ordered by your treating medical provider.*

Learn more about no-cost coverage of COVID-19 testing.

Early refills for 30-day maintenance prescriptions

For the next 90 days, until June 15, UPMC Health Plan will increase access to prescription medications by waiving early refill limits on medications filled at retail and specialty pharmacies. We’re also offering early refills of your 30-day maintenance prescriptions. Get your medications for upcoming months now so you already have what you need at home later.

Simple prevention tips

One of the best ways to protect yourself from this virus is avoiding exposure. There are other things you can do:


Stay up to date on issues related to COVID-19.


*For members of ASO/self-funded employer plans that have opted out of 100% coverage, standard cost-sharing under the plan will apply. While almost all of our Individual and Group plans include extensive telehealth benefits, some ASO/self-funded employer plans do not cover telehealth services. For members in qualified high deductible plans, certain IRS limits may apply. If you have questions about your coverage, see your plan documents.

UPMC Health Plan members located in Pennsylvania at the time of service will have a virtual visit, usually with a UPMC-employed provider. If a member is located outside Pennsylvania, service will be delivered by a separate provider group - Online Care Group (OCG).